on the day

Dean Turner Stage at Laneway Festival

04 Feb, 2024


Sydney Showground

on the day

Where is the venue?

Sydney Showground, Grand Parade, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

What transport is available?

Transport information will be released in January, check back then for more info.

Will Pass Outs be available on the day?

Pass Outs refer to leaving the festival throughout the day, then returning at a later time. There are NO Pass Outs on the day. If you choose to leave the Festival at any point, you will not be admitted back in. There will be more than enough food, drinks, amenities and of course, music to keep going all day.

What happens if it rains on the day?

Laneway Festival will go ahead rain, hail or snow, unless the event site is deemed unsafe by the relevant authorities.

Can I bring my own food & alcohol into the festival?

No. Laneway Festival is licensed to sell food & drinks and provides great, well-stocked bars. All bags are searched on arrival. If you have specific food allergies or medical requirements, please complete the accessibility request Form.

Where do I report any lost or found articles?

Found: Please take any found items to Festival staff. Lost: If you misplace something please check with gate staff on the day as things will be turned in there. Alternatively, please email info@lanewayfestival.com.au and we will do our very best to help you

What should I bring with me?

✔ Your ticket
✔ Photo ID
✔ Sun protection
✔ Hat
✔ Good vibes

What items are banned from site?

The following items are prohibited:
✘ Glass
✘ Cans
✘ Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, bicycles
✘ Milk or bread crates or metal cans or containers
✘ Chairs (folding, portable, camping) or any other furniture
✘ Anything studded or spiked (belts, wristbands, etc) or large chains
✘ Club patches and jackets
✘ Weapons of any kind (including potential missiles)
✘ Flares, Fireworks or Sparklers  
✘ Alcohol  
✘ Drugs
✘ Vapes & E-Cigs with more than 110mL liquid (please note the venue may have specific smoking regulations and areas)
✘ Sound or video recorders or professional cameras (with removable lens)(small still cameras are allowed)
✘ Laser lights or laser pens
✘ Umbrellas (bring a plastic poncho or raincoat instead)
✘ Water pistols
✘ Dogs or other pets (service dogs excepted)
✘ Fires and open flames of any kind
✘ Sound Systems
✘ Eskies, coolers or chilly bins
✘ Culturally insensitive items
✘ Drones
✘ Any other items deemed dangerous or potentially disruptive by Laneway in its discretion

a) Glass or breakable containers.
b) Cans or metal containers.
c) Alcoholic beverages.
d) Illicit drugs or paraphernalia including nangs, bongs or pipes.
e) Flares, fireworks, smoke bombs, or any other explosive device.
f) Laser pointers.
g) Knives or other dangerous weapons including potential missiles.
h) Skateboards, scooters, roller-blades and bicycles.
i) Large items including eskies and bags that cannot fit under seats.
j) Animals unless approved by the RAS or an approved assistance animal.
k) Flags over 1m x 1m in size.
l) Register rolls, shredded paper, confetti or other item likely to cause an environmental issue.
m) Commercial food purchased from external caterers, unless permitted by the event organiser.
n) Cameras and recording devices (for commercial purposes) including tripods.
o) Other items as determined by the RAS and Laneway Festival, that do or can potentially cause injury or public nuisance.

What kind of cameras & recording devices can I bring with me?

No professional cameras (read: cameras with detachable lenses) are permitted without formal media accreditation. Likewise no audio or film recording equipment can be brought into the Festival.

Can i bring my prescription medication to the festival?

Yes, BUT the medication needs to be in its original packaging with the dispensary label matching the name on the ID of the ticket holder.


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